Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14

Estrela da Favela

Estrela da Favela

Estrela da Favela is a young organization with both Brazilian and Dutch roots dedicated to offering a brighter future for at-risk children and adolescents from Rio de Janeiro through education and sport.


The main objective of Estrela da Favela is to secure the future of these children and adolescents through activities which facilitate and stimulate learning. This progressive learning program ranging from fundamental, intermediate, and intermediate-advanced is the catalyst for a better future for these children


The Estrela program is centered on opportunities for boys and mainly girls between ages four and fourteen, who attend school and participate in Estrela program activities outside of the public school curriculum. Without this opportunity, these kids most likely would spend this time on the street, exposed to a scene of violence, drugs and prostitution.

This program offers opportunities for both personal and professional development for these children and provides them step by step with essential workplace skills.



We work to salvage our participant’s self-esteem by placing value on the strength of our young women who suffer a double discrimination; poverty and machismo cultivated by a society that perceives football as a predominantly masculine force.

We hope our young women overcome the barrier of the stigma that football is a sport for men only.

We believe that sport and education walk hand-in-hand in the formation of a young person’s character.

Aside from football, our children also practice tennis with a professional Brazilian coach, utilizing public parks of incomparable beauty such as “Quinta da Boa Vista”; a site of traditional historical significance that used to serve as the private gardens for the Royal Portuguese family in colonial times.

These activities go beyond sport. They provide social integration, discipline, and respect for the opponent. Additionally, they teach our children skills to overcome challenges in that tennis is not a sport widely practiced in Brazilian society.


Our work aims at overcoming the paradigms that our women should become no more than sex objects and bearers of children; cause of a culture that in the twenty-first century would relegate the female role to a singularly domestic and sexual occupation.


Estrela da Favela possess a strong capability for prevention of illness.


When we speak of health, we also speak of nutrition. In this spirit, we also have the objective of supporting the fight against a unhealthy diet, so alarmingly omnipresent in our low-income communities.


This characteristic is rooted in our economically disadvantaged communities, where the youth can only obtain low-paying jobs due to their minimal level of education. In reality, they leave school early, and their position quickly worsens. This vicious circle goes on for generations.

Our program focuses on overcoming this situation with education and professional qualification services. Our philosophy is that women should not be only “mothers”, but excellent and strong “warrior” women as well, who know how to educate the next generation.

Although our effort at community improvement is primarily carried out by extending and improving much needed health, educational, and counseling services to girls and young women, Estrela da Favela provides these same services to young boys as well. In fact, no resource from Estrela da Favela is gender specific. Our focus on driving change through improving the position of women in our impoverished community is strategic; it is our belief that a healthy, confident, and prepared young woman, sadly a rare phenomenon in our most deprived communities, is the best weapon to combat the unacceptable status quo.


Together with the American Foundacaotion Brilar, we offer workshops in illness prevention. They include topics such as: hygiene, domestic violence, drugs, and other health-related topics.


This work will be carried out jointly with the Universidade VELP. This is a sustainable project that involves farming fish on the rooftops of our children’s homes. Besides being a healthy meal, these fishes fertilize the also constructed horizontal and vertical foodgardens.

Apart from contributing to a healthy diet for our community members, this strategy, also uses solar energy (through low-energy consumption pumps that sustain the fishes’ habitat and fertilize the plants in a circular water system). Sustainability principals support the project in terms of energy consumed and energy produced

Our institute

Edwin Roodenburg

Estrela da Favela was founded in Brazil by Edwin Roodenburg and Edna Silveira.


Friends of Estrela

To support Estrela da Favela in Brazil, there is a founded a Dutch Foundation called Stichting Vrienden van Estrela da Favela: Members of the board are  Lex Winkler, Philip Warners, Marc Vogelaar, and Caroline Freriks. The purpose is to raise funds to sustain the Estrela da Favela Institute in Brazil. This Foundation manages all the funds.

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We offer:

  • Education including: Reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and social skills.
  • Sports include: tennis, beach tennis and football.

Our main needs


  • Salary for two new teachers to provide more personalized attention to our children
  • children’s books, didactic literacy books up to year nine, notebooks, printer cartridges, A4 printer paper, pencils, erasers, staplers, sharpeners, white out, staplers, disposable cups, games, and clothes.
  • Tablets for e-learning


  • Soccer shoes, goalie gloves
  • Contribution for memberships on sports clubs for the talented children
  • A dance teacher
  • Dance uniforms and footwear


  • Health Care for program employees
  • Access to healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, and legumes)


Food for providing for  100 children all year round a healthy lunch.

Our sponsors